Explore Route 66’s Automotive Culture

Discover remarkable cars and exhilarating events along America’s Mother Road. Join us in celebrating the Centennial of Route 66!

Our Main Services

From rebuilds to repairs, experience expert automotive services that embody the spirit of Route 66.

Custom Builds

Crafting unique automotive masterpieces

Repair Services

Restoring classic and modern vehicles to their former glory

Event Hosting

Creating memorable gatherings for car enthusiasts

About Us

Route 66 Garage is a homage to the legendary Route 66 Centennial, where we delve into the essence of classic American cars and trucks.

Engage in conversations about rebuilds, customizations, and the rich automotive heritage of Route 66’s iconic vehicles.

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Join us at Route 66 Garage and delve into the world of iconic cars, vibrant culture, and exceptional service.

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